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Quick and Simple Klipsch Promedia Ceiling Speaker Mounts


16+ inches of 1&1/2 x 1/2" wood (This can vary, I used this because I had it laying around)
Two large hooks
One long screw and anchor
Black or white paint


Something to paint on
Pen or pencil

speaker mounting tools

Step 1 - Measure the span of the legs. These Klipsches span about 4&1/2". You will use this number along with the size of the hooks you will be using to determine the length of wood you will need.

measure speaker

Step 2 - Mark the wood to be cut. I cut it about 1/2" shorter then the span of the legs because the hooks will be jutting slightly out and I'm not expecting to hang the speaker so far forward on the hooks.

measure wood mount

Step 3 - A miter box is not nessecary but does make a lazy man's job a bit easier.

diy speaker mounts

Step 4 - Cut

do it yourself speaker mounts
cut speaker mount wood
completed mount wood

Step 5 - Double check your measurements

measure twice, cut once

Step 6 - Paint it. I used a can of vinyl spray paint I had in the garage. Almost anything will do.

painted speaker mounts

Step 7 - According to the span of the legs and the range of the hooks you are using go ahead and select the best location to screw the hooks into the wood. For the size I have chosen 1/2" in will easily hold the speaker at the outermost part of the legs. You may want to drill pilot holes if you are using fat hooks like this as they can easily split the wood.

hook into speaker mount

Step 8 - Place and secure the second hook and line them up.

speaker mount with hooks

Step 9 - Put the completed mount up to the speaker to ensure that the hook positions do indeed match, and get a screw ready to mount this puppy to the ceiling. Again a pilot hole will keep the wood you are using from splitting.

screw on mount

Step 10 - Using an anchor, secure the mount to the ceiling. Orient it in the direction you wish the speaker to face and hold it straight while you screw it in tight.

mounted ceiling speaker mount

Step 11 - Hang your speaker, you can orient it vertically by placing it further forward or backwards on the hooks. Works pretty well for crap just sitting around the house, huh?

speaker forwardspeaker back

That's it, you're done. This was so easy I almost didn't make a site for it but what the hell, maybe you have found some value here.

hung speaker


For the center speaker I actually bought a small wooden shelf and painted it black with the same can of spray paint. See below.

center speaker shelf

tri-moniter with center speaker


If you make or have made your own set of speaker mounts and would like to snap some pics and send them off to me along with a few lines about them I will happily add them to the site for others to use and provide you with credit. There are lots of different kinds of speakers out there, it would be neat to get some good DIY mounting articles collected here. Questions, comments, suggestions, pics, and whatever else can be sent to this address: